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What is Bluntbit? We’re the unfiltered truth on the internet. We are not a news organization but we do bring what’s happening in the real world to you daily. We are not politically driven but we are not afraid to bring to your attention important political topics that you should know and care about. We also recognize life is more than just news and politics which is why we bring humor and alternative takes on things a whole lot of people are thinking but are too scared to say to you daily. We are living in an ever changing complex world. Filled with people searching for something that connects to all of their interests, not just one. Bluntbit is committed to providing you with a place you can come and be stimulated emotionally every single day. There’s a time to laugh, cry, be angry and feel genuine joy. The people we appeal to understand that it is possible to experience all of this in one place, on one site bit by bit.