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Get up off of your butt and do something this year. Stop talking about what you want to try and go ahead and do it. Be successful, be everything that you always wanted to be. Sounds way easier than it is to actually do it right? Why is motivation so hard? Why are some people born with motivational qualities that propel them to everything and some people aren’t? Is there a science behind it?


In order to fly in the military you have to go through a lot. More than just the flight simulators and learning the plane inside and out. The physical aspects required to be a pilot put your body through amazingly strenuous tests that only the best of the best can handle. This is one of those tests. There are only a few people alive who could survive this. This man is one of them.

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As we get ready to try to explore that big universe out there which we know very little about, how we travel will become more and more important. How will we get around? Will the spacecraft’s be as big as the death star or the enterprise? Who’s going to have the money to build all of these vehicles? Well, it turns out all of that might not even be necessary.

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A not so funny thing happened on TV recently. A comic got on stage and decided it was a good idea on national TV to make fun of someone basically because they’re fat and only have one arm. There was no clever punchline. There was no alluding to a bigger issue or something. The joke was the fact that she was fat and only had one arm. Well this woman decided she was going to clap back. I’m so glad she did.

This week on Game Of Thrones it all came to an end. This season was full of enormous highs and some tragic lows. So many questions heading into next year, the season was over way too quick. Tyrion gave one heck of a Father’s day gift while Jamie proved he has a big heart. There were mummies and magic and everything else you could want from an episode. Secrets were revealed with perfect timing and Varis got out of dodge. This is going to be your guide to what really happened in the episode from beginning to end in ways even someone who has never watched the show can understand

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This story will make you think twice about taking time for granted. Connor is a huge WWE fan, a wonderful exciting kid and also suffering from terminal brain cancer. He doesn’t let that harsh reality curb his enthusiasm for the one thing that he loves, wrestling. Recently Connor was able to spend some time with the stars of the WWE, who showed him a great time. It does get a little emotional so you more than likely will get misty, that’s OK. Conner “The Crusher” is showing us all how we should take advantage of the time we have, living in good spirits.


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Yes it’s true. There exists a stretch of road right this very moment that glows in the dark. Gone are streetlights on this groundbreaking strip of land. The road will lead your path. Studio Roosegaarde said that they would make it happen way back in 2012. Positive a lot of people laughed at the idea, they have it now. 500 meters of highway is now the equivalent of being in the movie Tron just for a moment. It’s made possible by using powder integrated into the road paint. The studio wants to extend it further but they have no contracts, which obviously means that whoever owns the 500 meters of highway this is on is the only highway owning person that counts in the entire country. When will the rest of the country catch on? We don’t know. For now this is enough to get us all giddy at the thought. Night driving could become the new in thing.

Here it is again.

glow in the dark streetDOPE.


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For all of us non scientist out there, whenever someone asks how big is the universe we give the auto answer of infinite. We just have an idea that it’s pretty large, and always growing so that takes care of that right? Wrong, this terrific video was made by Beakus who was commissioned to create animated films that cover important concepts about our universe in a way that those who aren’t currently wearing white lab coats for a living can understand. They do a heck of a job as I feel smarter after watching. You’ll be able to chime in if this conversation comes up but remember to gracefully bow out if the subject gets changed.

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This looks just like an ordinary stead home placed in an ordinary desert with nothing special about it in the least. Through an extremely forward thinking vision this place is much more than that. It’s one of the more captivating transformations I’ve ever seen in my life. This is Phillip K Smith III vision and the project is called Lucid Stead.


It goes from this

invisible steadNothing eye catching or even appealing.


To this

invisible stead 2OK now we’re talking about something special. Looks like some secret super hero lair.

And then finally this at night.

invisible stead 3Now this is just ridiculous. It looks like the house the best party in the world would be thrown right there.

Here’s the video showing you it in action so to speak.



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The volcano literally shocked me. I had to go to the old google machine (if you get that reference 3k points) and immediately learn everything about it. After you see this great infographic you’ll be doing this too. Earth is amazing (duh) and I’ll be showing you just how amazing over the next few days or so.


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