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Every bowling alley and arcade had one. Some chain stores had them too. You see all of the stuffed animals in there and a simple claw that can be controlled by a joystick and you just want to have one of those animals. It’s not because you’re into stuffed animals. It’s because it’s right there, so cheap, so easy to do. One quarter for an accomplishment is really cheap. After you’ve spent five dollars in quarters and walk away defeated, you have to wonder where did it all go wrong? Turns out, right from the start. It’s not you, it’s the machine.

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Do you know your blood type? If you don’t, you should probably find out as soon as possible, it could really come in handy one day. If you do know it, do you understand why we all have different types of blood though we’re all the same humans? This video lays it out precise and clear. The learning bit of the day.

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Everyone sitting around worried about doomsday coming should just relax a little bit. You’re worried but the earth isn’t. It’s been there done that at least 5 times already. When you think about human life and how relatively short it has been compared to the earth itself overall, it’s really easy for us to overlook a lot of stuff that was here before us. These 5 events happened right on the same planet we’re currently inhabiting. So don’t fret too much, if it happens it happens.


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On average how much time do you spend sitting down each day? At work, on public transportation, in your car and whenever you eat. When you think about it, for most people, sitting is a big part of their lives. If you’re sitting down right now reading this, that’s OK. Take a look at this explanation of why sitting down too much is bad for you.

How did your parents deliver the talk about birds and bees to you? If you even got the talk, just be thankful it was in an era where nobody thought to record the conversation and then upload it to YouTube. At the same time we can all be thankful that someone has decided to do just that. It’s a tough conversation that every parent should have. If you have kids and you haven’t done it yet you can learn from this.

This age-old adage has inspired millions of changes in character for the sake of coming out on top. Many men switched up what came natural because they felt it would be to their advantage in life if they pulled an 180 with their life outlook. Nice guys finishing last is one of those things that people say whenever a nice guy gets the short end of the stick. Is it true? From a scientific standpoint, the answer might surprise you.

The talent needed to create these intricate toys is off the charts. The children in these Sudanese mountains take mud and create delicate, detailed pieces that rival any craftsman you could put them up against. The toys are just half of the reason this story matters. The other half is really tough to swallow. These toys tell a story. A story of war and fighting for survival that no child should have to go through. Admire the toys and listen to their stories. It’s going to touch you deeply.

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The only bad thing you’ll feel about this video is that it didn’t happen close to where you live. In Hong Kong there was a car accident that changed a lot of lives. The car that got into the accident wasn’t just any car, it was a cash transport vehicle carrying millions in bundled notes. After impact, the contents of the car spilled out into the streets and that’s when the people nearby sprung into action. They didn’t run to check on the drivers and passengers of the vehicles. They went for the cash.

The police reached out and asked that the people return some of the money that they took. Now why in the world would they think that’s going to happen?

Do you know what it means to be alive? That’s a really loaded question. You have to factor in beliefs as well as science to come up with your answer and it still isn’t as black and white as it seems. This video explores the scientific reason things are alive and matches them up with how little difference there is between what is alive and what is dead. In fact some dead things make up actual life. It’s not confusing, it’s eye-opening.

We bet you’ve been told that Napoleon, the leader of the french was a real shrimp right? In almost everything he’s portrayed in, he’s depicted as a little madman running around angry all the time. There’s even a complex named after him but I bet it would surprise you that he was actually taller than Daniel Radcliffe, Dustin Hoffman, Bruno Mars, Prince, and is the same height as Tom Cruise. He was actually 5’7″ now when you think about it he’s not such a little mad man is he? There are 12 more interesting facts just like that wrapped up in this clip.


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