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There’s nothing worse than paying for a mistake that wasn’t your fault. That’s what happens in this video. A storm just hit the area and naturally, cars are covered with snow and ice. When you are about to go somewhere after a storm, you should always remember to clear your car of the ice and debris otherwise this will happen. There was nothing this person can do and the car who was careless likely won’t ever pay for what they’ve done. Just kept rolling like nothing even happened.


Everyone lies and say that they drink a million gallons of water everyday. They lie and say this because they want to seem like they really care about their bodies. Really, nobody drinks that much water or only water exclusively and that’s OK. As long as you drink some you’re good. This is what would happen if you never drank any.


There has to be a real rhyme and reason behind scientific names correct? There is some system in place that helps you figure out a general idea of what you should name your scientific discovery right? Well, if you think that, you’re dead wrong. This is how it really goes down.


So here’s a story about an artist who was ahead of his time. So far ahead, that he didn’t even get the proper credit he deserved because other artists who were ahead of their time weren’t so far ahead that the people couldn’t recognize their brilliance.


No brain, heart, lungs or kidney’s and you’re out of here. We know pretty much everything that’s a part of us that we need in order to survive. What are the parts that we have, which we enjoy, that really aren’t necessary?


Starting tomorrow no more meat. No more steaks, or chicken salads. No more hamburgers or anything of the sort. If the entire world decided tomorrow there would be no more meat eating, this is what the world would look like.


They are out there. The universe is simply too big for there to not be any other life anywhere else in it. We are not alone and yet there is no slam dunk definitive proof that we aren’t. The waters are so muddied that everything can’t be confirmed or denied. Maybe this is why we haven’t gotten a hello message from aliens because they’re surely what we’re looking for.


Everything is moving in one way shape or form. There are no exceptions. Take a look at something around you that’s still. It could be anything from a tree to a building. It looks like it’s perfectly still but it is not and this is why.


Pilots are really skilled individuals. They don’t get paid like they’re doing a tough job but they really are. They do everything in their power to make your trip defying gravity as pleasant and uneventful as possible. The pilots in this video are trying to end a successful flight in one of the most dangerous situations there is, a crosswind. If you haven’t seen what a crosswind does to a plane, watch this and then be in awe at the talent it takes to handle all of that.


There is a debate as to what kind of milk is best for people to consume. Is cow milk what we should be drinking? Many argue for goat or almond but we can agree we need milk right? So if we need it would you be willing to drink milk from these animals?



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