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Look at all of the hoops you need to jump through just to get on TV. It’s a wonder anything ever makes it and makes those shows that are hits that much more impressive.


Over an 120-mile trek these animals know when it’s time to move on. They do it every year like clockwork. They do it beautifully. They do it together. It’s just the way things are. A tradition that is embedded in their being. Incredible to watch.


They can’t talk to each other so how do they do it? They don’t have signals or other indicators to get everyone in line. They don’t practice it, they just do it. So how do fish swim perfectly in harmony together? This is how.


It takes a lot of trust to fall asleep. Doesn’t seem like it but you don’t really know what’s happening when you close your eyes. Things could be moving. You could be watched. You just don’t know because obviously you’re sleep. This dope video uses that as a springboard to make one video you won’t soon forget.


Fake wounds have come a mighty long way. From rubber limbs that looked fake to what we have now where you just can’t believe the person didn’t really get shot in the face. This is a look at how they make that magic happen.


This right here is when talent meets creativity and perfectly meshes with execution. After you watch her pull this off you’re going to be amazed to no end.


Try to slip one by the machine and it rebukes it every single time. How does it know what’s real money and what’s fake? Are there special censors or grooves that we don’t know about that keep us honest? This is how vending machines can always spot a fake.


What should ultimately make you happy? Is it having all the money you could ever want? Is it about family and health? A fulfilling career you’re proud of? Knowing you’ll be remembered after you’re gone? This is what famous people feel about it, do you agree with them?


The upside to all of this new and exciting and technology is that things are getting easier to do. You’ll have more things at your fingers than you could ever imagine. The downside is eventually its going to lead to us being replaced by cheaper alternatives. Robots. This is what it might look like in the future for all of us.



The Last Job on Earth – The Guardian from Moth on Vimeo.

You know what motion is don’t you? You understand what is in motion and what isn’t. Do you know why it’s called motion in the first place? Do you know the law or even who’s law it is? Well watch this video and you’ll have those answers and more.



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