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If You Claim You Knew This Was Happening On The Shameless Season 7 Finale, You’re Full Of It.

We can talk about everybody else on Shameless tonight but this was all about Frank.
For the first time I think the kids actually understood why he loves them and he loves Monica.
He couldn’t properly express it until the viewing but there it was in plain sight.
He casually skips over how his life was before her. Her father is blaming him for fucking her life up when it was the complete opposite.
Frank is a junior in college, doing summer internships when he meets her. His life is about to be set basically and he threw it all away for her. I never doubted he actually truly loved her though. He was Monica’s every other woman was just passing through.
I’m glad he told the kids he sees her in them and told them the qualities that they share.
She did love them she was just so fucked up and crazy-literally- she didn’t know HOW to do it properly. Her heart was in the right place but her actions just always fucked up.

Fiona got hit the 2nd hardest coming to terms with her being the mother and never having one. None of the other kids know what it’s like to not have a mom because Fiona is theirs. I was glad she was able to get some type of closure.

The hardest hit obviously is Lip.
He’s Frank Gallagher Jr to a T. It’s crazy because, he is both of them personified. His intelligence, is 100% Frank- His uncanny ability to mess everything up is 100% Monica. He doesn’t need to find a Monica to ruin him, he does it from within. He’s the one that will ruin you.

Look at his track list of chicks,
Karen- DEAD
Who knows where the college chick is right now.
Teacher almost got fired fucking with him.
Current girl brought him into her life now she got live in a shit hole apartment because HIS SISTER kicked her out of her brother’s place.

Every woman he’s with wants him to win the right way. Maybe now he’ll actually try and do it.

Debbie – Glad she’s learning a trade so she can get some money and just live a life.
Carl- Hope he makes it.
Liam- Still maximum hope for him if Fiona gets herself in the property business he might actually not have to grow up poor by the time he hits high school.

Svet- Still big pimpin.

In the end, Shameless shows us there is a heart in everyone. It might be a screwed up cold one or an addiction based one but it still cares and loves like a heart, just the same.

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